cholla old guy and doctor Cholla Medical Group, Inc. is a PCP oriented mobile doctors office operating out of Arizona, catering to patients Valley Wide.

Our Concierge In-Home Care Doctors provide chronic treatment and other medical services to patients from their own home or assisted living facility. We take Medicare and HMO’s.

Cholla’s Concierge In-Home Medical Doctors have decades of medical experience. Our home care services provide patients with continual medical care and treatment without the hassle of travelling to and from the doctor. Often times patients are forced to neglect medical treatment due to the struggles of commuting, long waits at the doctor or hospital, exposure to other sick patients, and the lack of comfort away from their home.

House Call Doctors In Arizona
Cholla Medical Group’s House Call Doctors will come to you!

Better Home Care for Patients From Home or Assisted Living Facilities.

Our Concierge In-Home Medical Solutions are Simple and Convenient. The purpose is to provide the same medical care and treatment that a patient could receive at the hospital, from the comfort of home. Relying on a home care physician will save time and money, but it can also prevent trips to the emergency room that are often preventable with the right attention, treatment and care.The increasing number of assisted living facilities and 65+ patients in Arizona demands the need for quality chronic medical care. Our Concierge In-Home medical staff will provide regular visits to any assisted living facility in the valley to diagnose, treat or care for you just like you were at the hospital, ER or urgent care.

Contact us for more information about Cholla Medical Group, Assisted Living Care and Home Care. Learn more about becoming our patient . Our registration forms are available online and can be submitted via fax or email.