Mobile Medical Services For Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Medical Care Cholla Medical Group specializes in providing mobile medical care services as the primary care physicians for patients that reside in group living or assisted living communities in Arizona’s east valley (Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, … Continued

Externship Opportunity

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PROGRAM OVERVIEW Cholla Medical Group, Inc. is proud to announce that we now offer Externship program through our medical practice. A unique opportunity for medical Doctors introducing skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the challenging health care environment of tomorrow. This … Continued

Home Care

Cholla Medical Group specializes in home care, medical care that’s provided remotely, in a patient’s home rather than traditionally in a hospital or a doctor’s office. A medical practice that provides many benefits for doctors, patients, families, insurance companies and … Continued

Concierge Medical Care for Medicare Patients

Medicare’s Concierge Medical Care Plans Did you know that medicare will cover the costs for patients to receive Concierge Medical Care? Its true! Medicare will pay for your primary care physician (PCP) to travel to you and provide chronic medical … Continued

Murali Talluri, MD

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Doctor Murali Talluri Cholla Medical Group’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Talluri graduated in 1981, he specializes primarily in Family Practice. Backed by 34 years experience; Dr. Talluri is renowned for his dedication and commitment to patient care and is a … Continued