Concierge Medical Care for Medicare Patients

Medicare’s Concierge Medical Care Plans

Did you know that medicare will cover the costs for patients to receive Concierge Medical Care? Its true! Medicare will pay for your primary care physician (PCP) to travel to you and provide chronic medical care just like you would receive from a doctor that practices out of a hospital or doctors office. The boutique concierge service is actually saving medicare money and increasing the quality of medical care for elderly patients that are homebound, that have mobility issues or that live in group homes and assisted living facilities.

Better Medical Care for Medicare Patients

Patients that have medicare and choose to appoint a concierge doctor as their primary care physician are likely to receive better medical care and treatment than a patient who chooses a normal physician and must travel to the Dr. or doctor’s office. Since a concierge doctor is mobile a patient is less likely miss an appointment, to be exposed to other sick patients, or to worry about arranging transportation to and from the doctor. When you increase the chances that you will see and report your symptoms to a doctor you are less likely to ignore or neglect an ailment that might result in more problems later. Often times a patient will choose to stay home rather than go through the stress and headache of scheduling a doctor’s appointment and getting to the doctor’s office.

Medicare Covers House Calls

When you appoint a mobile concierge doctor as your primary care physician Medicare will cover the costs just like they would cover a normal doctors costs. A concierge doctor can make house calls and provide the same medical care and treatments that patients receive when medicare covers their normal doctor’s bills. In fact a house call doctor will cost much less. When medicare allows a patient to choose a doctor that’s mobile they are paying for the doctor to leave his or her office and travel to the patient’s house with all the tools needed to diagnose, treat and even prescribe medicine to patients. Since house call doctors have started taking Medicare for insurance coverage patients have had the luxury calling the doctor to their house which is much easier than traveling to the doctor’s office.

Concierge Doctors For Medicare Patients In Group Homes

Medicare pays for doctors that visit patients who live in group homes, senior group homes or elderly care centers. The coverage allows a patient to appoint a physician that will travel to the patient’s home and provide chronic medical care the same way a normal primary care physician would. Concierge doctors will work with the group home or elderly care center’s staff to monitor the patient, communicate symptoms and care for the patient. Your mobile doctor will be available for phone calls, emergency medical services and is able to regular in-house visits which all part of the coverage provided by medicare.

Medicare Concierge Doctors For Assisted Living Facilities

Patients that live in Assisted Living Facilities can also take advantage of Medicare’s concierge medical coverage. When you appoint your concierge doctor as your primary physician they are able to travel to your living facility to provide chronic, regular medical care. Patients are receiving better quality medical care from mobile doctors that bring their office to the living facility and work with the staff to diagnose, treat and care for elderly patients.

Mobile Doctors Are Covered By Medicare

Medicare covers the costs for patients to assign a mobile doctor as their preferred physician. Mobile physicians will being their doctors office to the patient whether the patient is living at their home, group home, or assisted living facility. When the doctor is mobile there’s no need for an elderly patient to rely on their family or the living facility’s staff to keep track of their doctors appointment, arrange transportation or travel with a patient to and from the doctor. Mobile doctors can also decrease the chances of a medical emergency with preventative medical care which is contributed the increase in attention on the patient and their wellness.

Concierge Medical Care For Arizona Medicare Patients

Cholla Medical Group and their Concierge Medical Doctors such as Chief Concierge Physician Dr. Murali Talluri provide chronic medical care to Arizona patients that have Medicare. They will travel to your house, group home, senior living center or assisted living facility and provide the best possible medical care for elderly and homebound patients. Request more information or fill out a New Patient Registration Packet and Cholla Medical Group will appoint one of our house call doctors to provide chronic medical care as your primary physician in your home or living facility.

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