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Vintage Home Care Doctor
Home care physicians that travel to their patients and provide at home medical care, treatments and diagnoses.

Cholla Medical Group specializes in home care, medical care that’s provided remotely, in a patient’s home rather than traditionally in a hospital or a doctor’s office. A medical practice that provides many benefits for doctors, patients, families, insurance companies and assisted living homes.
Commonly referred to as concierge medical care, home care services and definitions may vary from state to state and from one provider to the next. Until recently home care was known as something from the old days when a doctor would carry their medical bag to a patient’s home and care for them in the middle of night, now it’s a growing trend that saves money and increases the quality of medical care provided especially for seniors and elderly patients.

New Home Care Patients Can Register Now
Cholla Medical Group is accepting new home care patients in Arizona

At Home Caregivers

Physicians that provide medical care to patients remotely rather than in a traditional doctor’s office. Commonly referred to as “at home” or “in home” doctors these Dr.’s on site medical services are tailored to a patient’s needs and typically provide respite for families and loved ones while increasing the quality of overall care.

Home caregivers can actually come in many shapes and sizes. Depending upon the patient’s needs a caregiver might be a nurse that helps with hygiene and daily routines, or a doctor that will diagnose, treat and care for a patient as a primary care physician would. Providers and caregivers may offer niche services and could be referred to as a house a call doctor, at home doctor, in home doctor, private doctor or a series of similar terms that refer to a doctor who is mobile or that travels to your home.

elderly woman's testimonial for house call doctors
House Call Testimonial from an elderly woman

Home Care Patients

Most patients that rely on home care are special needs patients who have troubles functioning on their own. It’s common for home care patients to live with family members, in group homes, assisted living facilities or other senior care centers. Although any person or family can technically choose to receive medical care at home it’s more popular for elderly, senior and geriatric patients. If possible the goal is to keep a patient in the comfort of their own home rather than remove them due to medical issues that need constant attention. Or to increase the care for patients who are already living away from their homes in nursing homes, senior care centers, group homes for seniors or other types of assisted living facilities.
Home care is a great way to make sure that your parents or grandparents are receiving the individualized care that they need to be healthy, happy, and as comfortable as possible. Better care for mom and dad is a common worry once our parents reach a certain age. Grandchildren might seek home care for grandma and grandpa, their own parents, or both as a way to spread the care to each of their family members in need and be sure each patient receives the best medical care possible.

In Home Care Services

  • Preventative Care: Medical care that’s tailored around an at-risk patient (patients that are nearing an age where health is knows to start deteriorating, patients with weak immune systems, patient’s that might neglect medical care because they dislike the doctor or going to the doctor etc.) to keep them in the comfort of their own home and provide treatments that can prevent or reduce the risk of costly, dangerous ailments which are often caused by neglecting medical treatment early on.
  • Chronic Care: Medical care that’s provided to chronically ill patients who need excessive or regular medical care in their home. Chronic home care doctors will provide around the clock medical care through regular in-home visits and are also available by phone to consult and care for a patient.
  • Transitional Care: Provided to patients that are in transition, allowing the doctor to travel to a patient’s home and provide home care while transitioning from the hospital, surgery, home’s etc.
    Prescriptions and Medication Reminder: In home caregivers can prescribe medicine and provide reminders patients/staff.
  • Private Care: Private home care provided by a caregiver that’s goal is to provide any and all services needed to allow a patient to remain in their homes. Services could vary depending on the patient and family’s needs.
  • Primary Care: Caregivers that provide primary medical care to patients from their own home as their Primary Care Physician (PCP.)
  • Specialized Home Care: A custom care plan that allows caregivers to work with the patients, their families and/or living facility staff to develop the best home care solutions possible.
  • Concierge Home Care: A boutique medical service provided by a primary care physician (or group of physicians) that travel to a patient to treat, diagnose or provide regular medical care for a patient. Although it seems like concierge care is expensive, it’s actually saving money and improving the health of many elderly patients.
Home care in Arizona
Home care in Arizona

Home Care In Arizona

Cholla Medical Group is Arizona’s premier home care provider with a dedicated staff of mobile doctors and home care professionals. Catering to patients at their homes, living facilities and senior group homes in Arizona’s East Valley we thrive to meet the individual needs of each patient to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible in their own homes. Our home care Dr.’s work closely with patients, families, and facility staff to provide a full menu of concierge or home care medical services.

Arizona ranks at the top of the list when it comes to the population of citizens that are 65 years and up. Cholla medical group understands the demand for home health care in Arizona for these patients whether they live at home or an assisted living facility. Our house call doctors are mobile and will make house calls to patients living in:

  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • Chandler
  • Mesa
  • Paradise Valley
  • Gilbert
  • Queen Creek
  • San Tan Valley

Is Home Care Covered By Your Insurance or HMO?

Home care is more common than you think, it’s actually covered by most major insurance companies and HMO’s. The coverage and limitations may vary depending upon the type of insurance you have, your age, ailments and may require you to assign your house call doctor as your primary care physician. Since insurance and insurance coverage may be difficult to understand it’s a good idea to contact your provider and request more information about their home care coverages. You might also choose a home care provider and use their staff as a resource to better understand your insurance coverage

If you or a loved one is interested in home care services in Arizona you can contact Cholla Medical Group and their experienced staff will help you understand your coverages, let you know if your insurance covers their services, and they can assist with new patients registrations.

Home Health Care Medicare Coverage
Does medicare cover the costs for home health care?

Home Care for Medicare Patients In Arizona

Medicare part A and/or part B patients are eligible for several home care services. Cholla Medical Group accepts medicare’s insurance programs for patients 65+ who are seeking home health care services. New patients must register and provide proof of coverage, identification and fill out our new home care patient registration packet which is available online. We can email or mail registration packets to new patients upon request via phone or email. Learn more about Concierge Medical Care for Medicare patients in Arizona


Q.What is an in-house or at-home doctor? A. A doctor who travels to a patient to treat them in their own home.

Q Does homecare cost more than normal healthcare? A. Most home care services are covered by insurances such as medicare, the costs are actually lower than traditional care. Lower costs are mostly attributed to the fact that home care patients are less likely to let their health deteriorate since it’s easier for them to see a home care physician. Home care physicians have a better chance of preventing many costly and dangerous ailments through their regular or preventative home care services.

Q Will home care physicians treat patients in group homes or assisted living facilities? A. Yes, home care providers such as Cholla Medical Group actually specialize in working with group homes and facility staff to produce the best possible care and treatment possible.

Q. Can a patient contact their physician during unscheduled hours? A.Yes, homecare providers will make themselves available via telephone between visits for questions, concerns follow ups and reminders.

Homecare For Elderly, Seniors and Geriatric Patients:

Homecare is a service that’s ideal for elderly patients. The elderly population is more likely to be sick or in need of medical care than our younger population, but they are also less likely to drive themselves around, make appointments, remember to take their pills, etc. Home care is a solution that allows elderly patients to worry about getting better and staying healthy rather than keeping several doctor’s appointments, driving or getting transportation to the doctor.

Its also common for senior patients to ignore or overlook medical symptoms that should be cared for. When a patient is forced to contact their doctor, explain symptoms, schedule a visit and arrange transportation it becomes a chore for themselves and the people they rely on. When a doctor makes visits to a patient there’s less stress and chores for everyone involved which results in more attention for the patient.

Request More Information About Home Care

Request more information from Cholla Medical Group regarding home health care, questions about home health care, insurance and HMO coverage questions regarding at home health care and more. We will be in touch within 24 hours to provide more information and answer any questions that you may have.

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