House Call Doctors In Chandler Arizona

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House Call Doctors in Arizona
House call doctors that will travel to the patients house for chronic, regular medical care.

House Call Doctors

Cholla Medical Group’s House Call doctors in Chandler Arizona provide chronic treatments and medical care to homebound patients. When a patient is cared for in their home they receive the same exact quality of care as they would receive from their normal physician or local hospital, emergency room or urgent care. The goal is to decrease the amount of time, cost, stress, and effort that it takes to schedule, travel, and wait at a doctors office. Rather than travel and expose yourself to other sick patients at the hospital or doctor you can choose to have your primary care physician come to your home. Just like the old days!

When Did The House Call Doctor Come Back?

House call doctor save you time travelling and waiting
A travelling physician means no more waiting in the doctors office. The house call doctors are saving patients time and insurance companies money. Families are also happier because their loved ones are receiving better care with less time and stress on their part.

House calls were common practice many years ago. Eventually urban doctors started taking patients at an office. Allowing them to see more patients in a day and save on money that it takes to travel, schedule and create a timely route to meet their patients at home rather than in a single office. Unfortunately the patient ends up taking the responsibility of being on time, traveling to the doctor, waiting in a doctor’s office with other sick patients . Before long we realized that it’s easier, safer, and more affordable for insurance companies to have a mobile doctor bring the hospital to a patient’s house and treat them. Just like an urgent care on wheels! House call doctors have recently became the preferred method to treat elderly patients on medicare, that are home-bound, in an assisted living facility, or that would benefit from their primary doctor coming to them instead of going to an actual doctors office. Doctors making a house call can make it better for the patient and their family.

Better Care For Patients With A House Call Physician

elderly woman's testimonial for house call doctors
House Call Testimonial from an elderly woman

Medical patients with a mobile physician are less likely to ignore medical treatment because it’s easier and more affordable to have your doctor come to your home. An in-house doctor means that a patient can relax and focus on their recovery rather than scheduling transportation to and from the doctor or exposing themselves to other sick patients. House calls are better, safer, and a more efficient to receive regular medical care. Our expert house call physicians thrive to provide the highest quality of care and treatment for each and every patient on a first name, personal basis. We work closely with our patients and their loved ones, providing as much support as needed to care for our patients.

Mobile Doctors Make It Easier For Everyone

Doctors know that going mobile can drastically improve the amount of time and energy that it takes to care for elderly patients. Especially when that patient is Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa! Often times a family is forced to send their sick or elderly loved ones to a group home, assisted living facility (ALF) or otherwise due to the worries that they aren’t able to provide the regular treatment and care that can be required for elderly patients. Even in an ALF an elderly patient is exposed to other sick  patients, they are not as comfortable as they would be at home, and unfortunately the amount of attention they can receive tends to decrease because of the increased number or patients that are being cared for. Mobile MD’s are the best solution for patients that are homebound, elderly, or in transition.


Bring Your Doctor To Your House

Make us your primary care physician and we will come to you or your loved one regularly. Fill out a contact request form and one of our dedicated home care staff will contact you right away. You can also fill out a new patient registration packet online. We accept most major insurances, HMO’s, Medicare etc. If needed we can arrange credit or cash payments. You may need to assign Cholla Medical Group as your primary care physician before we can send a physician to your house. If you are designated as the power of attorney for a patient please provide documentation.

House Call Doctors
Register for House Call Visits from your primary care physician. Our doctors will come to your house and provide in-house medical care, diagnosis, and prescribe medicine for elderly and homebound patients.

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