Mobile Medical Services For Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Medical Care

Cholla Medical Group specializes in providing mobile medical care services as the primary care physicians for patients that reside in group living or assisted living communities in Arizona’s east valley (Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan Valley etc.) Our licensed M.D’s have years of experience caring for elderly and senior patients, working with facility staff and increasing the quality healthcare for our patients while decreasing the costs associated with assisted living medical care. Contact us for more information or register new patients online. Major insurance and HMO’s accepted.

ALF Doctors
Cholla Medical Group’s mobile physicians specialize in medical care for assisted living facilities.

Arizona’s Assisted Living And Senior Communities

Arizona is home to one of the largest senior populations in America. Many of which have been living independently for most of their lives, cooking, cleaning, showering and clothing themselves, but what happens when their no longer able to handle it all themselves? Many seniors choose to live in an assisted living facility which offers the ability to maintain a certain level of independence while receiving the daily assistance they need. Since a living facility is not a nursing home it’s important to make sure patients are receiving proper medical care either in house, or through a mobile medical care service. In Arizona there are 3 types of assisted living facilities that can benefit from mobile medical care services for their residents:

  • Adult Foster Care Homes: Up to 4 adults living with a designated caregiver is a residential home.
  • Assisted Living Homes: Up to 10 seniors living in a senior care home with a staff that assists with daily living for it’s residents.
  • Assisted Centers: Larger facilities that proved living assistance for 11 or more residents at a time.
ALF staff members assist with living but aren't physicians.
ALF staff members can help with daily living assistance but they aren’t physicians.

Most living facilities will maintain a staff that’s able to assist with a limited set of medical services such as maintaining records and managing medication but what about an actual doctor or physician? Facilities have the option to provide a shuttle and transportation to take their residents to doctors appointments, or they can provide in-house solutions that eliminate the need for the patient to travel or leave the facility.

ALF Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider for assisted living facilities Cholla Medical Group’s licensed mobile physicians will schedule regular visits for each patient. Creating and executing a personalized care plan that allows for the continued independent living that ALF residents are seeking. We can help gather x rays and medical records, manage and prescribe medications, provide mobile dental and optical services, podiatry, schedule and communicate with specialty doctors, and provide the best possible healthcare all while lowering the overall medical costs.

ALF Mobile Doctors And Physicians

Mobile Physician
Mobile physician providing house calls to patients in living facilities and group homes in Arizona.

Our group of mobile physicians are experienced, licensed medical doctors that specialize in mobile medicine. We understand the need for personalized care and the ability to work alongside facility staff members in addition any specialty doctors that a patient might need in order to receive the full, proper medical care required to maintain the highest level of health and independent, assisted living.


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  1. […] Cholla Medical Group, Inc. is proud to announce that we now offer Externship program through our medical practice. A unique opportunity for medical Doctors introducing skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the challenging health care environment of tomorrow. This is a program that is designed to prepare medical doctors for residency by providing the opportunity to have hands on experience up to six months. Our practice will introduce those selected to accompany Family Medicine physicians, and/or residents, on their rounds. A full introduction to the ever-expanding elder care will include exposure to additional learning experiences in innovative procedures and practices in Assisted Living Facilities. […]

  2. I think that sometime in the future, that there will be a lot more use of mobile services. With assisted living centers, it would be most beneficial for them. If I was in one of those places, I would only want the best care I could get.

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