Dr. Roselavender Richards, MD

  • Dr. Roselavender Richards
  • Dr. Richards knew from a very young age that she would someday become a doctor. She began her education at Georgetown University where she earned her B.A. in Sociology. She went on to receive her Medical Degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine, followed by her residency in Internal Medicine at Franklin Square Hospital in Maryland.

    In her 30+ years as a physician, Dr. Richards has filled various roles such as Primary Care Provider, Community Physician as well as Medical Director. She has worked in diverse areas of the medical field as well, from preventive medicine to hospice care.

    Dr. Richards’ passion for helping people has guided her not only through her work experiences, but in a volunteer capacity as well. She has assisted refugees in finding the help they need and to regain control of their futures. Dr. Richards’ objective has always been to provide care and services that enable people to lead better lives.