On Site Medical Services
Our Mobile Doctors make House Calls to provide on site medical services.

Cholla Medical Group Inc. is an Arizona based, PCP (Primary Care Physician) oriented mobile doctor’s office. Our licensed, mobile doctors make house calls and provide home medical services to patients in the comfort of their own Residence, Senior Communities, Group Homes, or commercial Assisted Living Facilities (ALF’s.) Our mobile physicians have years of experience caring for homebound, elderly, and other patients that aren’t able to travel.

House Call Doctors

It might seem like something from the past but it’s true, doctors still make house calls! A house call allows for the physician to travel to the patient and provide the same medical services as a hospital or urgent care. Cholla Medical Group’s house calls are provided by an actual physician that’s there for medical purposes rather than routine care or nursing. We diagnose and treat patients on site providing a chronic, preventative and transitional care to patients so there’s no need to leave their home for a doctors appointment or hospital trip. In fact patients with a house call doctor are more likely to receive the full care and treatments needed to maintain their health.

Mobile Doctors

A mobile doctor travels to their patients rather than seeing patients in a doctor’s office. The mobile physician eliminates the patients need to travel to and from the doctor, sit in waiting rooms with other sick patients, and increases the amount of care and attention that a patient can receive. Mobile doctors are commonly used by elderly and homebound patients that have difficulty getting around. Our Dr.’s can travel to patients in East Valley.

Home Medical Services

Our in-home medical services are provided on site which includes patients living in senior communities, ALF’s, group homes, or their actual homes in Arizona. We specialize in caring for elderly and senior patients who are 65 years and older. Our mobile physicians have years of experience caring for patients that live in group homes, senior communities and assisted living facilities.

Chronic care is available to Arizona residents that need a mobile doctor to make house calls and provide routine, regular medical care. We will work closely with family and/or staff members to create the best possible care plan and schedule. Our doctors will travel to the patient regularly to treat, diagnose and prescribe any medications needed on a regular basis.
Cholla Medical Group’s transitional medical care is available to Arizona patients that are in transition from any hospital or facility who need their doctor to travel and provide medical care while in transition. Most patients that are in transition who need a house call doctor are experiencing mobility issues, or might cause hazards to their health by travelling.
As a person increases in age their mobility & health start to deteriorate making it difficult to get medical attention, drive to the doctor, communicate symptoms etc. Our expert physicians are able to work closely with patients, their loved ones, and assisted living staff members to provide the highest quality medical care & treatments possible. We take the hassle out of going to the doctor, save time travelling to the doctor or arranging transportation, decrease exposures to other sick patients/infectious diseases, and INCREASE the patient’s comfort levels.

Mobile Medical Services

We operate mostly out of Arizona’s East Valley (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, San Tan Valley and Gilbert areas,) however we do treat patients Valley wide. We are currently taking on New Patients, to register you must fill out the New Patient Registration Forms.


Insurance, HMO’s, and Payment Methods for On Site Medical Services

Cholla Medical Group accepts home care patients with, or without medical insurance. We accept most major insurances & HMO’s. Our friendly staff can help you learn more about your coverages and see if you qualify for on site or at home medical care.