About Cholla Medical Group, Inc.

Cholla Medical Group, Inc. provides quality medical care to your group home or retirement community (assisted living facility, independent living, memory care, etc.). Our in-home medical services provide patients with continual medical care and treatment without the hassle of traveling to and from the doctor’s office.

Cholla’s mobile providers have years of experience caring for homebound, elderly, and other patients that aren’t able to travel. Relying on a home care physician will save time and money; it can also prevent trips to the emergency room and hospital admissions. Our in-home medical staff will provide regular visits to diagnose, treat or care for you.

No two medical practices are exactly the same.  That’s why our care providers embrace an individualized care plan for every single patient that comes into our care.  From preventative care to treating chronic conditions, every element is designed to care of our first priority: YOU.

We offer convenient access to a wide range of mobile services.

When specialist care is required, we will refer you to the top specialists in the valley and help coordinate your care.

Welcome to our practice!

We look forward to serving your medical needs.