In-Home Medical Services

In Home Medical Care Services
In Home Medical Services

Cholla Medical Group provides a series of mobile and in home medical services, however we also go above and beyond while providing these services to create the most comfortable, and productive atmosphere to care for our patients and obtain the highest level of health possible. In order to provide the best possible care and preventative care our staff will:

Scheduled In Home Mobile Medical Services
We visit our in-home patients regularly.

Our mobile MD’s will provide regular, scheduled visits to the patients group home or living facility as indicated by each patients needs.

X Ray ServicesOur staff will obtain most laboratory specimens, EKG’s and X-Rays in home or facility.
Pharmacy and PrescriptionsWe can transmit your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy and simplify the process for patients and facility staff.
Maintain independent LivingWe value the importance of coordinating with home health agencies and facility management to help maintain independent living for patients if possible.

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In the event that a patient is seeing multiple doctors or specialty doctors (surgeons, eye doctors, orthopedists etc.) we will communicate and coordinate our medical care services to maintain a continual care for the patient.

Communicate with your family and loved onesWith the patients permission we are more than willing to include the patients family and loved ones, communicate with them and provide peace of mind.
Our staff and mobile physicians provide personalized care for each patient with the patients best health as the ongoing goal.

Additional Mobile Medical Services

As a patient with Cholla Medical Group you will have access to our entire mobile medical network which includes a mobile dental service. Mobile dentists can come to you and perform routine dental work, cleanings, extractions and other dental procedures for patients in the comfort of their own home.
Eye doctors are important too! Utilize our mobile optical services to keep your eyes healthy, your prescription and eye glasses up to date etc. without having to leave your home.
Although law is a little outside of the typical mobile services that a medical doctor might provide we realize that it’s important for our patients to have access to any legal help or advice they might need. Since the majority of our patients are 65+ we’ve included mobile legal support for elders.
If you have hearing aids, or might need hearing aids we also have a mobile service that allows our patients to get treatments. Our hearing health experts are mobile so they will come to you at your home, group home or living facility.
Believe it or not acupuncture is a common alternative medicine for pain and we offer a mobile acupuncture service for any patient that can benefit from this form of alternative pain management.
Part of feeling good and maintaining complete health is looking as good as you feel. For any of our patients that haven’t had the luxury of visiting a salon or nail salon will love our mobile salon services. Let us come to you and keep your nails healthy and attractive.
As your primary care physician we understand the need to work with specialty doctors such as our mobile podiatrists who will travel to our patients and diagnose or care for any ailments with the feet and ankles. Unfortunately elders with mobility issues tend to have medical problems in their feet and lower extremities.
Another common medical service that our patients need is bone density testing. Again since our patients tend to be elder patients with mobility issues we provide a mobile service for bone density testing.
In the event that a patient might have, or has any forms of skin cancer we have mobile skin cancer specialists that are available to travel to any patient in the valley and provide their special mobile services. Since Arizona is known for its heat and exposure to the sun it’s citizens are more likely to be exposed to skin cancer causing elements therefore we offer our skin care specialists as a mobile service.
When you assign one of our mobile doctors as your primary care physician you’ll have access to our network of suppliers for any of your incontinence and medical supply needs. We can help you find the products you need, the ordering process is simple and deliveries can be made to the patients home or living facility.
If any of our patients need X-Rays or Ultrasounds we also offer a mobile service for that. Our technicians are mobile and will bring all the tools and equipment needed to take X-rays and ultrasounds at the patients residence, group home or living facility.