When Should You Move Closer to an Aging Loved One?

By: Hazel Bridges

For years, you’ve watched your mother and father enjoy their retirement, but lately, it seems they may need help. You want your parents to enjoy their independence, but you also recognize that needing help during the golden years is a fact of life. When should you step in and move closer to them? Cholla Medical Group presents some things to keep in mind during this time.

Signs an Older Adult Needs Help

Before suggesting you move closer, learn the signs that your parents need extra care. Weight changes could indicate a lack of proper nutrition, forgetting to eat or early dementia. Experts note that an unexplained weight loss could point to a serious medical condition, like cancer.

Your parents may also need help if they experience sleep disturbances, changes in disposition with new and familiar people or cannot manage their prescriptions. Have you noticed your parents’ home doesn’t look as orderly as it used to? Your mom and dad could feel overwhelmed by maintaining their house.

Ways To Make the Moving Process Easier

If it looks like you should move closer to your parents, you must understand how to transition as smoothly as possible. First, communicate your concerns with your parents and let them know you’d like to move closer to help them. Ask how they feel about their current living situation and the idea of you moving. It’s important that your parents still feel like they have agency.

If you have relatives or friends who live close to you or your parents, see if they’d be willing to lend a hand with the moving process. Not only is asking for help from loved ones a good way to make the process easier, but it also lets your parents see relatives again. This could make them feel cared for and loved.

Create a moving plan with your parents’ input. Discuss whether you’ll move into their house or a house or apartment close to them. If necessary, help them review their living options if their current house no longer meets their needs.

If you or your mother and father must move, consider hiring professionals qualified to move larger furniture pieces. Connect with local movers in your area. Before you do so, search for Angi furniture movers, gather quotes, and discuss your situation. It’s also good to check out online reviews. If you or your parents harbor concerns about moving costs, ask about discounts, specials and credits.

Reviewing Your Parents’ Living Options

Depending on your loved ones’ limitations and capabilities, you may want to discuss moving them into an assisted living facility. Such facilities are ideal for older adults who need help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, showering and medication management. Assisted living facilities also give older adults opportunities to socialize, which can boost their mental and emotional health.

Another living option is residential home care. Intimate facilities offer small groups of adults personalized services. Residential home care works best for those who desire individual care in a home setting. If your parents need different levels of care, they may feel comfortable moving into a continuing care retirement community. That way, they remain together and have access to assisted living care, skilled nursing care and independent living.

It’s essential to find balance when aging parents need help. Taking steps to ensure everyone’s needs are met helps you find and maintain that balance. Hopefully these tips pave the way to peace of mind for your and your parents.

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